Joey! Thanks so much for the shoutout! I appreciate you. 🙏

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Hi Joey,

I'm thinking perhaps Fabrie can help you cooperate and manage design projects too, because

Fabrie is a canvas + database with AI, specifically built for designers;

the essential is shown in this 1mins demo


using Fabrie for design project management


We're still in beta, and I'd like to invite you to try Fabrie!

Fabrie home


After you've signed up, please let me know so I can open Fabrie AI with unlimited credits for you!

I look forward to ideas, feedbacks and any further paid cooperation you'd like to engage in!

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Joey has Notion+Obsidian replaced Craft for you?

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It has, yes! Craft is a wonderful tool, and one that I might revisit, but it's been so fun to work within the simplicity of Obsidian.

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